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Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

We want to know how our services are working for you.  Each year, we survey our patients to measure and improve our performance.

With a 99.6% satisfaction rate from our patients in the last two annual surveys, we believe that you’ll love working with Anovo, too.

Here’s what our patients say about Anovo:


Annual Patients Satisfaction Survey

conducted by independent external company

2016 2015
Are you treated with kindness and respect by our pharmacy staff? 100% 0 99.9% .1%
Does your medication arrive on the date you expected? 100% 0 100% 0
Does your medication arrive in good condition? 99.9% .1% 100% 0
Do we ask if you have any questions or concerns about your medication? 100% 0 87.5% 22.5%
Are you satisfied with your overall Anovo pharmacy experience? 99.6% .4% 99.6% .4%
response rate
response rate                                                                                             

Satisfaction Survey Responses


The Anovo pharmacy and reimbursement team members are selected based on a customer care quotient which includes knowledge, expertise, and responsibility.   They have years of clinical and reimbursement experience along with hours and hours of training on every facet of your therapy and its reimbursement issues.

But most importantly, Anovo teams are responsive to your needs in a friendly and personable way.  We hope you’ll always look forward to a call from your Anovo team.

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Satisfaction Survey Responses

“Thank you all for always being so professional and polite and prompt.  That means a lot when you go through as many doctors and pharmacies as we do with a sick child.”


 “I have always had a very pleasant experience with your pharmacist and staff.  I appreciate the fact that you call me to have me place my order.  I have a lot to take care of and you lighten my responsibilities.”


“I am so thankful for your efforts on my behalf to make it possible for me to be able to take this medication.  <Team member> was so helpful and kind as a patient advocate for me.”


“You guys are amazing.  So much easier to deal with than the pharmacy we used to get her meds from.  If there is ever an issue you try to get to the bottom of it instead of making me contact the doctors and insurance.”                                                                                                                               


“Every time I speak with a pharmacist at Anovo I am treated with respect and my questions are always answered.  I am a mom giving my four-year-old heavy-duty medications.  And whenever I have questions or concerns your team takes the best care in answering them.  Thanks so much for everything you offer, especially support.”


“You have been wonderful with your service.  This is our 4th provider for specialty medication and we never have a choice in pharmacies.  You have been the best and most courteous by far.  Thank you!”


“Everyone I’ve dealt with at Anovo – since June 2014 – has been so kind, helpful.  They always ask if I have any questions or need to speak to a pharmacist.  No suggestions—couldn’t be any better!”


“I have always been treated with the utmost courtesy and respect by the employees of this service.  Thank you for your attention and care.”


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